Saving Money?




Finding Time To

 Focus On What

You Do Best?

Completing Crucial,

But Repetitive Tasks?


There will be no surprises. No hidden fees. Pay only for the amount of time worked or agreed upon. Time is tracked by the minute when work is underway. Save the extra money you would spend on an employee (benefits, vacation pay, workers’ compensation, training, office space and equipment). Don’t pay for bathroom or coffee breaks!

Save Money
Pay only for the work
you need done.

Your time is precious. It is crucial that these tasks be completed, but they are always needing to be done! With only an initial time investment, clearly outline instructions/guidelines for these tasks, delegate, then sit back and watch them be completed correctly and on time - every time. 

Slash Repetitive Tasks
Spend time doing what you do best.

Don’t let yourself be bogged down doing tasks that aren’t your forté. Do you love writing your newest blog post, but hate the task of editing, formatting and publishing? I can help. Keeping up with your social media platforms is easily something you could delegate to me. Do you need research done? I can help with that... and much more! 

Spend  Your Time Wisely
There are tasks others can do... better.

Growing your business without the ability to delegate tasks to someone who has your back is dangerous business for your overall health. A virtual assistant understands the challenges of running a business.  Clients like you are my business. I want you to need my help and I want you to tell others about Buoyed By. This converts to reliable, exceptional virtual assistance.


Share your workload with someone reliable.
Reduce Your Stress

Even when businesses are experiencing success, there are areas requiring additional attention to maintain buoyancy.  Buoyed By aims to give your business the extra oomph necessary to float swiftly upstream.