Stephanie is very thoughtful in helping me with solutions to my requests and responds in a timely, professional manner. She has been a huge help in keeping my client work and business development on track and moving forward.


Karen Kelloway

Author, Business Coach & Speaker specializing in career advancement 

I worked with Stephanie Cain for over seven years in a fast paced, high pressure work environment.


Soon after Stephanie joined my department, senior executives quickly identified her as a leader among her peers and she was promoted to an HR management and office manager role within her first few years. 


‎She is extremely competent in all aspects of her work and completed all assignments efficiently and with great attention to detail. She is also a strong decision maker under pressure and has impressive technical and computer expertise. Her high ethical standards always stood out.


She has a lovely calm and positive nature ‎and is a pleasure to work with. I hope I have the opportunity to work with her again soon!


Jackie Van Amburg

Communications Advisor

Communications Nova Scotia 

I worked with Stephanie for 2 years at the Department of Intergovernmental Affairs and Office of Aboriginal Affairs and it was truly a pleasure and honour (and I miss working with her!). 

Stephanie is able to handle a variety of projects, deadlines, and assignments with the greatest attention to detail, organization, and efficiency, and with a positive, kind, and calm attitude, especially during times of high stress and pressure. While working with her, it became clear that Stephanie does not see road blocks or problems, but rather opportunities to find new solutions and ways of accomplishing tasks; her ability to problem solve and build and maintain relationships is admirable. She is a clear leader and was always relied upon by all levels of staff for support - both personally and professionally. 

Stephanie excels in administration, finance, logistical support and planning, technical support, and human resources  - she would certainly be a positive asset for any business.


Janel Fisher

Executive Secretary

Province of Nova Scotia

Stephanie was a true asset to the organization.


Regardless of the task at hand she was always very responsive.  I always appreciated her candid opinion and could count on her to provide a detailed overview of the big picture. She always provided good advice, and it was certainly a pleasure to work with her.


I wish her much success as her career progresses.


Catherine Blewett

Head of the Public Service

Province of Nova Scotia

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Stephanie Cain for a number of years as our manager of operations and projects. She was always thorough and well organized in her work. I knew with Stephanie she would always find a way to get things done on time and on budget and was able to maintain a positive attitude throughout, even when things got difficult or stressful.


She has dealt with large budgets, office relocations, renovations, changing staff and  leadership. Through it all she retains a kind and professional approach to everyone she deals with.


I would highly recommend Stephanie – she is a joy to work with.


Ernest Walker

Director, Policy and Planning

Province of Nova Scotia

Stephanie has a great capacity to problem solve, she is organized, efficient, works well under tight time lines and is extremely confidential.  She understands the big picture or long term strategy but will be able to define the incremental steps necessary to get to the end result. 


Stephanie has worked in many different areas and has built her skill set.  She is proficient in administration, IT support, finances and human resources to name a few.   Her positive attitude and her ability to build good relationships adds to her effectiveness. 


It was always a pleasure working with Stephanie and I would do so again.


Judith Sullivan-Corney
Former Deputy Minister
Province of Nova Scotia